Lizzie’s Cool Blog Room

IMVU Sponsored Studio, 2019

Lizzie’s Cool Personal Blog Room proposes a new way to decorate virtual spaces within IMVU that helps to facilitate conversation. IMVU is a virtual world where users design 3D avatars and spaces for themselves. Users can retexture existing 3D models in their catalog or import their own to use as clothing and furniture. It is primarily used for making friends and chatting. I had a hard time coming up with things to talk about in the chat rooms so I thought about the way that hyper themed spaces and events in the real world help to facilitate conversation. IMVU found that users who have participated in one long conversation are most likely to continue to use the app. My system pushes users to show off their full identity and share their interests to start conversations. 

Lizzie’s Cool Show, 2019

Lizzie’s Cool Show is a live show on Twitch where I share my thoughts and feelings on various products and services using only my brainwaves. I wear an EEG headset that feeds data into my Like or Dislike algorithm in Unity using bluetooth. Click here for more info.


@mcohen77, 2017

Melissa Cohen is a CGI foodie I made with her own instagram account.